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Reiki Empowering Workshops

What is Karuna Reiki ?

Karuna Reiki

Karuna means ” Compassionate Action ” and this wonderful energy is filled with compassion for all those who suffer with the intention to heal.

Karuna has a spiritual quality that develops within us as we progress on our spiritual path.

It creates an awareness that we are all one – this feeling of ‘oneness’ brings with it a power that is directed by the Creator or Spirit / Source / Universe- it is the power of love and can be felt in the heart.

It releases all fear, doubt and worry – and guides us through life to accomplish our spiritual purpose on this earth.

While Karuna Reiki is not a religion, many have found that they have received healing and guidance from spiritual beings when using Karuna Reiki.

Karuna opens you up to work more closely with all enlightened beings, including those who are physically present as well as those in spirit

Karuna Reiki also uses Chanting and Toning as an added dimension to the healing -this is effective as our voices carry a vibration merging us with the healing light that transcends time and space.

Chanting during healing sessions can be beneficial for the chanter as well as the recipient. Chanting and Toning can be expressed vocally or telepathically [ as in your mind !!]

How was it discovered?

The Karuna system was developed by William Lee Rand and other healers at The International Centre for Reiki Training.

He found that through the process of having studied with many other Reiki Masters, that he developed a deeper understanding of how the attunement processes, symbols and healing energies worked

Over the years he was given some non – Usui symbols and attunement techniques by others to try out, and after gathering some students together to experiment and asking for guidance, he was guided to develop this process which eventually evolved into a new system of Reiki which he called Karuna.

Although some of the symbols are used by other schools and systems , the energies connected to Karuna are unique to the system as the attunements and intentions are different.

Can anyone learn Karuna Reiki ?

Yes, however if you only have Reiki 2 or Advanced Reiki ( as in William Rand ) then you can do the Practitioner 1 & 2 workshop over 2 days. As it is the next level up from Usui Reiki level – you need to have completed your training up to Reiki Masters to do the Karuna Master workshop – you need to have the knowledge and experience of working with the Attunement processes.

Karuna Reiki increases the Reiki energy to allow you to work on a much deeper and more profound level.

Karuna Reiki brings in healing energies that are noticeably stronger and able to quickly heal a wider range of difficulties.

In order to gain the full benefit of Karuna Reiki – one must be ready and this can only happen when the student’s energy system has first been conditioned through the use of the Reiki Master energies.

You need to have worked with the Master energy while teaching and attuning students for at least six months to do the Karuna Masters Intensive.

Reiki Masters of all Lineages are welcome to do these Workshops – as long as they can show me their Reiki 2, Advanced Reiki or Masters Certificate.

Course Syllabus for the Karuna Master / Teacher Course
⦁ The origin and History of Karuna Reiki
⦁ Karuna and Spiritual Guidance
⦁ The Karuna 1 symbols Uses and Actions – how to use them
⦁ Attunements
⦁ Practice Sessions – healing using the Karuna symbols
⦁ Healing the Shadow Self Meditation
⦁ Karuna 2 Symbols – how to use them
⦁ Violet breath and Tibetan Master symbols
⦁ Performing the Attunements
⦁ Toning and Chanting
⦁ Ethics and Registration Procedure
The Karuna Symbols
Karuna Practitioner – Level 1 symbols
Symbol 1
Heals on a cellular level. Releases cellular memory. It acts as a spiritual anaesthetic, healing past trauma / abuse. Heals past life issues.
Symbol 2
Very deep healing. Heals the shadow self. Works on unconscious negative patterns. Heals past trauma and abuse – deep healing. Powerful physical healing tool, especially when used with psychic surgery. Dispels psychic / psychological attack. Leads to self-acceptance.
Symbol 3
The symbol of compassion and love. Like a higher vibration mental/emotional symbol. Heals relationships. Heals addictions and increases motivation for self-improvement and growth. Heals the heart – develops unconditional love and compassion. Increases contact with spiritual beings in particular those focused on alleviating the suffering of humanity and heals the lower chakras, clears the mind, aids clarity and focus. Manifests goals. Clears negative energy.
Karuna Practioner – Level 2 symbols
Symbol 1
Connects to higher self. Helps study and communication skills. Increases creativity. Brings the higher self into the physical body therefore activates very deep healing and release of emotional pain.
Symbol 2
Aids connection to earth, grounding and energy flow from hips to feet. Manifests goals. Aids focus and ability to prioritise. Use for aiding world peace.
Symbol 3
Assists ability to stay in own power and not be influenced or controlled by others. Helps us claim our full power. Aids release of negative co-dependencies. Builds and strengthens boundaries. can be used for Earth Healing and connection.
Symbol 4
Means and brings peace. Clears the third eye and increases clairvoyance. Creates trust in the flow of life. Decreases pain, tension, fears, panic and worry. Good for sleeping problem.
Master Symbols for Attuning
Symbol 1
This symbol is used to begin the Attunement processes and during treatments. It assists with feeling rounded and centred in your spiritual purpose.
Symbol 2
Also used during the Attunement processes and also with a treatment or meditation to align the chakras.
Symbol 3
Sanskrit symbol – open the crown chakra creating a stronger spiritual pathway. Symbolizes the oneness that we are and our connection.
Symbol 4
Attunement process symbol used by Reiki Masters in Japan.