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Reiki Empowering Workshops

Reiki Share Group for Everyone

I will be charging a fee of £5 to cover room costs as I will be renting the room on a Sunday to suit most people 

Reiki Share Groups are the perfect way to meet new people …… share your Reiki experiences ….. to get more Reiki practise  and to have some relaxing Reiki yourself !!

I have 3 couches that can be set up which can accommodate up to 12 students with a person on the couch and 3 healing then swapping over so that everyone gets a turn. These Shares are open to anyone with Reiki 1 upwards from any lineage and I will assist with hand positions / areas to work on so don’t worry if you haven’t worked with the Reiki Energy for a while.

The Share will be for about 2-3 hours and if the numbers are small and we have time, I will give out free Empowerments.

Please contact me via text 07733 113 138 or e-mail –


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