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Reiki Empowering Workshops

Mini Recap Workshops for my Students

Mini Recap Workshops are workshops that I have put together for my students who may have done training but not used their new skills and techniques, forgotten how to do them or would just like a recap so that they feel more confident.

You have your Manuals, CD’s or downloaded Study Packs so do the theory aspect at home and we will do a bit of recapping of techniques while doing the practical aspect. There are no exams or certificates as these workshops are just for boosting confidence and a reminder of what you already know as a qualified Reiki Practitioners or Reiki Teachers.

There will be a Recap teaching fee for the day but lower than the original training course fee.


See details of each workshop below and available dates and times on Saturdays from 10am till 4pm and Thursdays from 3pm till 9pm. Fees payable in advance via Bank Transfer. Contact me for details using the form below.




Reiki 2 Practitioner Recap Training Day – £80

We will discuss and work with all the techniques that you learnt in Reiki 2. Focusing on the meditations such as Hatsurei-Ho, chanting the Symbols, Distant Healing, Reverse Reiki treatment for Chronic Fatigue/ Boosting Energy levels as well as hand positions for front of the body, back of the body, seated and side-lying. It will be a time of sharing experiences of working with the energy on yourself as well as with clients and looking at any problem areas. Also a good opportunity to mix with other therapists as we all have experiences to share.

Available Dates for 2019

Saturdays –

Thursdays –


Masters Recap Day – £150

The Masters Recap Mini Workshop will be a full day training going over all the Empowerment and Attunement Processes so that you feel really confident about doing them. We will also chant the Kotodama and discuss and try out techniques from Reiki 2 using both the Symbols and Kotodama. We will recap some of the Meditations and techniques from Reiki 2 so that you feel confident about running your own workshops.

Available Dates for 2019

Saturdays –

Thursdays –


Karuna 2 Practitoner Recap Day – £100        Available Dates for 2019 – TBA

Karuna Masters Recap Day – £200                   Available Dates for 2019 TBA



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