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Reiki Empowering Workshops

Welcome to Reiki Empowering Workshops

Come and learn how Reiki can be used for Emotional and Physical Healing as well as for Personal Self-Development.

I run regular Reiki Workshops at the Rosemount Centre, 1C Mount Street in Aberdeen and thought I’d share my personal journey with Reiki. I had been interested in Complementary Therapies while living in South Africa but it was only when I came back to Aberdeen that I discovered Reiki. I was working as a Hairstylist at the time with two small children and was very run-down when I found a wonderful book in the local library.

They say that Reiki ‘comes to you at the right time in your life’ and it certainly did for me !!

After reading the book, I felt that this was what I had been searching for.

In July 1998, I found Elizabeth Harley and did my Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Advanced Reiki and Mastership programme with her, completing my training in December 2000.

I went on to do my Karuna Masters with David Burton and Sekhem up to Masters 1 level with Vicki Rebecca , however I no longer work with the Sekhem energy. I updated my Karuna Reiki Masters with Morag Rollo in December 2010. Some people may know me as Karen de Jager during this time.

It was a time of personal self-development for me as well as helping to improve my own health. I was able to combine Reiki with my other therapies as a form of Stressbusters as well as on it’s own. Even now, it never ceases to amaze me how Reiki just ‘ knows exactly what is needed.

‘At the time of finishing my Master’s, a lot of new undiscovered ‘Original Japanese teachings’ were coming out of Japan via Reiki Masters Frank Arjava Petter , Walter Lubeck and many others.

I taught Reiki and Karuna up to Master level for several years, but felt that I somehow needed to tie up all the teachings that were around at the time.

I also encorporated Crystals, Smudging, Chakra work etc in my Reiki teaching and over the years, added some things and let others go. I had been reading more and more about the Original Japanese teachings and became more interested in…….. what I would call ‘Authentic Reiki ‘ without all the ‘ added extras ‘……… and the Qi Gong energy exercises.

I had been noticing Taggart King’s name kept coming up for me over the years and when I finally had a look on his site …. I discovered everything that I had been looking for !!

I re-trained with Taggart King and now run my Reiki Workshops along the same lines using his Professional and Informative Manuals, Audio CD’s and Training DVD. I am now on the Reiki Evolution website as his Teacher for Aberdeen.

There are no exams as such to pass as you will be spending the day with me going over the Reiki techniques …so plenty of time for home study and plenty of time for practical work

This is an excellent way of working as it means the Practical Workshop Day is just that…… a little bit of Recap but mainly all Hands-on Practice, Meditations and lots of time to chat and enjoy the day.

Karuna Reiki is the next Level up from Usui Masters….you need to have worked with the Usui Masters energy and practised the Attunements processes for about 6 months before going on to Karuna.

Dr Usui's Precepts

It is a beautiful yet powerful energy to work with and totally complements Usui Reiki.

Mikao Usui’s Precepts – the full wording…..The secret art of inviting happiness

The miraculous medicine of all diseases

Just for today…..Do not anger,

Do not worry,

Be humble,

Be honest ( in your dealings with other people)

Be compassionate towards yourself and others

In every morning and evening, join your hand in prayer, pray these words to your heart and chant these words with your mouth….


” Usui Reiki Treatment for Improvement of body and mind “